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Wander Dust - Michelle Warren Protecting Truth  - Michelle Warren Seeing Light - Michelle Warren

Review - The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy by Michelle Warren

I received these books from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This last week I've been so busy, I didn't know how I'd manage to read this entire trilogy in time to review it for this tour stop. As it turns out, I was worrying for nothing. After finishing Wander Dust, I couldn't help but start Protecting Truth, which led to reading Seeing Light. Sometimes sleep can be overrated. This series is just about impossible to review without spoilers, so I'm really going to focus on book one. Since it's free right now, there's no excuse not to download it and give it a go.

Seraphina (Sera) is a great character; she's intelligent, bull-headed, and uses her brain when needed. Of course that isn't always the case at the beginning of book one! In a way, Sera's life really begins once her father sends her off to live with her aunt in Chicago. There she learns why strange things have been happening to her, and she meets the two people, Bishop and Sam, that will play an integral part of her new life as a Wanderer.

Bishop, the enigmatic stalker, is the Protector part of the trio. The attraction between Sera and Bishop is immediate and intense. My favorite character has to be Sam, the Seer of the trio. She's got a snarky attitude that I just adored. Sera, Bishop, and Sam make up a team of time travelers.

The novel starts out a bit slow but really picks up once Sera arrives in Chicago. Time travel is a touchy subject, but I think Michelle Warren does a decent job handling it. The combination of steampunk and magic is fun. Ms. Warren does a great job weaving the characters, story, and scenes together to create an absorbing read.

Protecting Truth definitely doesn't suffer from second book syndrome. It's every bit as intriguing as the first book. Seeing Light is probably the best of the three books. It's a great ending to an engaging series. I really appreciated the way everything wrapped up rather nicely.

I recommend The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy to everyone high school and up that enjoys immersive worlds and endearing characters in a story that's hard to put down once started. Fantasy, romance, and time travel all wrapped up into one series - and Wander Dust is currently free. Jump on this one while you have the chance; you won't regret it.