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Review - Fire On Ice by Dakota Madison

Fire on Ice - Dakota Madison

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I was expecting something quite different based on the cover. The guy in the photo looks like the epitome of the alpha male. While Kian is strong and protective, he has a very soft side that was a pleasant surprise. Fire on Ice is a sweet romance with a bit of tension coupled with some misunderstandings, making for a pleasant read.

Who wouldn't love Taylor? She's built a brick wall surrounding not only her heart but her entire being. Her boyfriend in high school made her the victim of a stunt so cruel, I almost cried. It's affected every aspect of her life for three years, turning her into a shell of a person. She's so lucky that Kian is such a great guy and willing to slowly dissolve her walls of distrust.

Kian hasn't had an easy life either. From the wrong side of the tracks, he's the son of a drug addicted alcoholic. Awe inspiring comes to mind when describing his drive to better himself. I love characters that overcome the odds heaped on them to make something of themselves through hard work. Kian was a player until he met Taylor and lost his heart to her. But he worries that he's not good enough for her since she's a rich college student and he barely passed the GED. Personally, I think they're a great match for each other.

While this novel had a somewhat satisfying ending, it is part one in a series. The reader is left with many loose ends and questions that should be answered in the next book. This is definitely a story driven by the characters, Kian and Taylor are just too adorable to not like. Taylor's sister, Zelda, is a laugh riot. I'd love to read more about some of her escapades (though I think they'd fall in the realm of erotica).

Fire on Ice is a new adult romance not suitable for readers under 18 due to mature language and content. It's a fast-paced, fun read that will leave the reader smiling throughout most of it.