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Review - For Your Heart by A.L. Davroe

For Your Heart - A.L. Davroe

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Some stories are meant to be retold...that is only if the retelling offers something new, better, or different. For Your Heart is just such a retelling. A.L. Davroe takes a beautiful legend and gives it new wings. This retelling is far and away my favorite version of The Ballad of Tam Lin. I love that it's set in our modern world, and I adore the author's portrayal of Jeanette and Tamrin. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there: pick a flower at your own risk!

Jeanette is a true expert at denial; it doesn't fit into my narrow life view, therefore I'm hallucinating. Even when the evidence smacks her in the face, she tries to convince herself otherwise. I guess if I thought some gorgeous Seelie faerie was going to kill me, I might slip into denial as well. About halfway through she finally moves out of denial and into reluctant acceptance which blossoms into love. I loved Jeanette; she's a great character: strong, loving, and intelligent.

Tamrin has been obsessed with Jeanette for a long time. As the guardian of the Summer Queen's rose garden, he spends most days on Earth. When Jeanette pucks one of the roses from the Queen's garden, he learns that the price for the destruction is a human heart. His intention to take her heart flies out the window when he realizes he's in love with her. I really felt for Tamrin. The life he led in the Seelie court was anything but pleasant, and he wasn't armed with a talent to deal with it on an even playing field.

The story alternates points of view between Tamrin and Jeanette, with the addition of a few chapters from Twyla's point of view. Twyla is an acquaintance of the Summer Queen, so through her we obtain some important information. I loved the beautiful imagery Ms. Davroe wove into the story. The interactions between Tamrin and Jeanette are wonderfully written; the heat between them threatened to scorch the pages at times.

I recommend For Your Heart to everyone 17+ and up that enjoys a sweet love story. This is an upper YA due to sexual situations, so keep that in mind. I loved the epilogue. Kudos to Ms. Davroe for such a satisfying ending.