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Review: Northern Bites by Nikki Jefford

Northern Bites (Aurora Sky, #2) (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter) - Nikki Jefford

 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

***Northern Bites is book two in the Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter Series. If you haven't read book one yet, you may want to skip this review until you have due to spoilers.***

The Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter series is a fun, action packed adventure featuring a rather sassy heroine alongside a host of interesting characters. I really enjoyed book one, found the whole AB negative blood thing quite interesting. Though I have to say, the idea of our government forcing minors into such dangerous service against their wills is creepy.

Aurora is an interesting character. I enjoy her spunk, her snarkiness, and the tough exterior she projects. Even though she's blindsided be the whole, secret agent vampire hunter gig, she manages to not only step up but also to kick butt at her new job. Poor Aurora, being sent out on assignment with Valerie, her arch nemesis and a psycho agent named Jared. Honestly, I'm not sure how Aurora didn't kick Valerie into next week after all the things she's done. But somehow Aurora rises to the occasion again and she works with Valerie.

I'm not ecstatic with either of the possible romantic interests for Aurora. Fane creeps me out. I love how Ms. Jefford starts the first novel with Aurora finding him downright repulsive. It's only after her medical ordeal and new life as a hunter that she realizes she's attracted to him. Every time Fane is described, I swear my skin crawls just a bit. Dante is just annoying. He's sweet, charming, and totally into Aurora. No one's that perfect, so I figure the guy is hiding something.

This government organization is bizarre. They let a loose cannon like Jared run around unchecked, arm teenagers with all sorts of weapons, and Aurora's boss, Melcher, is keeping too many secrets. The action scenes are well-written and fun to read. Fortunately for us, there are quite a few of them. Aurora is a magnet for trouble, like she's wearing a 'kill me' sign or something. I've never seen anyone stumble into so many bad situations. I love that the series takes place in Alaska; I always figured vampires would head there given the months of endless nights. The summers would be a nightmare with the never-ending days.

I recommend Northern Bites to everyone 17+ that enjoys a good vampire hunter story. This novel contains graphic violence, sexual situations, and some coarse language. I'm looking forward to the release ofStakeout, coming in January 14, 2014. It's about Noel. Something was definitely up with Noel toward the end of the story and hopefully we'll find out what.