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Review: The Twelve Days of Christmas Past

Twelve Days of Christmas Past - Emily Larkin, Susanna Fraser, Rebecca Thomas

I received this anthology from the authors in exchange for an honest review.

I read this anthology while I was away on my cruise. It was really the perfect read to enjoy on vacation. Every story was sweet, heartwarming, and just left me smiling. I'm glad the stories were short because once I started one, I really didn't want to stop reading!
The Earl's Christmas Colt was far and away my favorite in the anthology. I felt an instant connection with main character Arabella. Oliver was just adorable in his rather inept subterfuge. There was just something about this story that really moved me.
Christmas Past was a rather intriguing story involving time travel. I think this story would have made a great novel rather than a novella. Be prepared to suspend belief, as we always must do with time travel. While I had no trouble following the story, I really would have liked to know more about Sydney's past and training.
The Countess's Groom was a tad darker than the other novellas. There was a constant dark cloud hanging over the story as we wondered whether things would work out for Rose and Will. Ally in The Blacksmith's Son has the worst luck ever! I was avidly cheering her on throughout her escapades.
I highly recommend The Twelve Days of Christmas Past to everyone high school and up that enjoys sweet historical romance novellas. I added this one to my favorites list on Goodreads!