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Review: The Promise by Apryl Baker

The Promise (The Coven Series - Book 1) - Apryl Baker

 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

While The Promise is book one of a series, I'm happy to report that it has an ending. No major cliffhanger here; yes the reader is aware that the story continues but author Apryl Baker treats us to a satisfying ending for book one. This is the second book I've read by Ms. Baker. I really enjoy the characters she creates, they are not only interesting but have depth.

CJ is a non-believer in a town full of the descendants of witches from Salem. CJ herself is a direct descendant of Sarah Bishop who was burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials. CJ wasn't always a non-believer, but after her sister Emily warns her about the Coven on her deathbed, CJ shuns everything to do with the Coven. I loved CJ's intelligence and determination. Though, her complete abandonment of her mental faculties when she fell in love so easily did leave something to be desired.

Ethan is a newcomer to town. When CJ meets him, she falls immediately for his amazing looks. He's a bit of an enigma at times, which CJ recognizes but chooses to ignore. The heart wants what the heart wants and all that. Ethan can be very domineering and is obviously keeping a huge secret from CJ. I found him to be annoying, though best friend Jeff was not much better. In fact I think everyone in town knows the secret regarding CJ's destiny and is keeping it from her because she refuses to join the Coven.

This story was part mystery, part romance, and part suspense. CJ followed various clues left behind by her dead sister, Emily, to try to figure out the town mystery before it was too late. Poor girl had no idea who to trust, so she kept everything she found to herself. The plot flowed well, suspense building to the big reveal at the end. Ms. Baker placed foreshadowing throughout the story that helped build the suspense. The characters, good and bad, were fun to read about.

I highly recommend The Promise to everyone high school and up that enjoys a good paranormal romance. There is one scene where sex is alluded to but not graphically described. I can't wait to read about CJ's next adventure.