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Review: Knowing Jack by Rachel Curtis

Knowing Jack - Rachel Curtis

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Due to mature content and language, I recommend this novel for ages 18+

Knowing Jack is a light romance with just a touch of mystery and a bit of suspense. I really enjoyed Chloe's character. She's sarcastic, somewhat whiny and snarky, but really sweet. Poor Chloe really doesn't deserve the garbage she gets from the students at her small college. After she receives death threats via text message, her parents decide to hire a bodyguard.

How's an unassuming girl supposed to resist her hot new bodyguard? I guess she's not. Though attractive, Jack's attitude was more than mildly annoying. He really had the alpha male thing going on. I found him grating and annoying, and really wished he'd share more of himself with Chloe. He was so closed lipped, Chloe didn't know anything about him when they first got together. Even after they became an item, he'd make grandiose statements about their relationship potential and then close down completely.

I wish the mystery had been a larger part of the plot. For some reason I was expecting a bit more as far as the mysterious threats went. This story centers around Jack and Chloe, two wounded people finding each other. The ending was interesting. It seemed as though the author was setting up for a potential sequel. I really wish I could've seen Jack's face when he got that particular piece of news at the end.