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Review: Darkness Watching by Emma L.Adams

Darkness Watching - E. L. Adams

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Darkness Watching is a rather unique addition to the new adult paranormal genre. I've read stories featuring demons and sorcerers, but this story is different from the norm. It takes place in a small town in northern England, the perfect backdrop for a paranormal story in my opinion.

Toward the end of her last year in high school, Ashlyn suddenly starts seeing apparitions with violet eyes everywhere. They stalk her and scare her out of her wits. It isn't until she goes to college, that she begins to discover just what they are and why they appear to her and not to other people. I really liked Ash's character quite a bit. She's very intelligent, a bit quirky and somewhat socially awkward.

The plot is intriguing, and Ms. Adams does an excellent job creating her fantasy world. The violet eyes stalking Ash are creepy. Of course they only become creepier when she knows what they are. I really enjoyed learning about the Darkworld and magic along with Ash. There was also quite a bit of comedy throughout the pages. Ash's flatmate, Pete, was a source of constant comic relief.

There were many secondary characters, too many to really be developed much at all, and yet they were still unique in their own ways. The ending was interesting, though I pegged the antagonist right from the beginning. I'd have liked a bit more information regarding this person and their motivation. The final confrontation was rather rushed and a bit out of the blue.

Darkness Watching is appropriate for ages 17+ due to some mature language and content. This novel is the first in the Darkworld series. I'm looking forward to continuing the story and learning more about this fantasy world.