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Review: Funhouse by Michael Bray

FUNHOUSE - Michael Bray

 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

One of my favorite reads growing up was Night Shift by Stephen King. I've been a horror book junkie since I was ten years old. Funhouse contains a delightfully dark group of short stories that will make you shiver and perhaps even leave the light on. The first story sets the tone quite nicely for the entire anthology. Though, I must say, only a moron would get on a carnival ride if they had to sign a waiver first...

Mr. Bray has treated us to sixteen tales, some more macabre than others. One thing I enjoyed was the psychological aspect to many of the stories. Sometimes the thing we should fear the most is our very own brain. There were a couple stories that didn't do anything for me, but the others made up for that in spades. And for anyone out there with arachnophobia, do skip the story The Boy Who Saw Spiders.

I'm going to recommend Funhouse for ages 17+, but I'd let my thirteen-year-old read it if he was interested. I didn't find the book all that scary (macabre, eerie, poignant maybe), but I think I might be a bit jaded. The horror genre has been a bit thin on good titles as of late. I think this anthology is a great addition.