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Review: Warrior's Moon by Jaclyn M. Hawkes

Warrior's Moon - Jaclyn M. Hawkes
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review
Warrior's Moon is a perfect example of a great cover sparking my interest. After seeing this beautiful cover and reading the blurb, I was hooked. As I started reading, I realized that this novel reads quite a bit like high fantasy. It starts out when main character Chantaya is three, and follows her as she grows into a young woman.
I loved Chantaya's character. She is so refreshing, free-spirited in a time that frowned upon such things. Perhaps she's like this because her mother is such a good person, or maybe because her best friends, Peyton and Tristan accept her for who she is. Whatever the reason, she is beautiful inside and out. Chani is a source of never-ending grief for poor Peyton who worries more and more as she reaches adulthood.
Peyton is an amazing male lead. At times he was just too good to be true, Loyal, handsome, brave, generous—these are just some of his traits. Peyton and Chani make a great couple. It's impossible to not root for them to find happiness in their lives. I almost cried when Peyton left the small village to become a knight. But some things are just meant to be, and Peyton was destined to be a knight.

This is not my normal read, yet I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The story is as old as time, but the characters really make this novel different. Warrior's Moon is a clean read, though some of the subject matter is more suitable for an older audience. My recommendation is high school and up. If you enjoy a sweeping fantasy romance set during Medieval times, add this to your TBR list.