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Review: The Appeal of Evil by Pembroke Sinclair

The Appeal of Evil - Pembroke Sinclair

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

The Appeal of Evil is a rather interesting story with one heck of a love triangle. Demon versus demon hunter with the soul of the girl the prize. I don't think Katie particularly enjoys being the prize, but she's dealing with two alpha males who will not take 'no thank you' for an answer.

Katie has been crushing on Wes as long as she can remember. He has a long streak of drawing her in, only to abandon her immediately afterward. It's obvious she has abandonment issues from losing her dad when she was a young girl. Wes just makes everything worse until this poor girl doesn't know which way is up anymore. I have to give her excuses because frankly, her wishy-washy attitude annoyed me to no end. It boggles the mind how she can allow bad boy, demon Josh to string her along. Sweet words does not a sweet person make.

Wes and Josh want to fight for Katie. Let's take a closer look at these two guys. Wes has been her friend for years, and done nothing but break her heart over and over again. He's a tool. I don't care about his calling. I don't care about his needing to keep her at arms length to protect her. He reeled her in and hurt her so many times, I think maybe he's the demon.

Josh doesn't hide his intentions, though he hides his demonic form behind the exterior of a drop-dead gorgeous teenager. It's hard to say whether he's honest or not because he's a demon, and they do have a tendency to lie. Josh tells Katie he wants her because of the dark spot on her soul. She's so physically attracted to Josh that she can't see straight. The girl knows what he is and doesn't run screaming. He shows her souls suffering in hell, and she acts like it's a field trip. Katie is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She's emotionally stunted enough that she allows Josh to string her along.

For the most part, this is an enjoyable story. Though, Katie's indecision got old really quick. Make a decision and live with it. I loved Josh's character, he was rather amusing most of the time. Wes I wanted to beat upside the head. This is book one of a series, so the ending isn't really an ending but closer to a cliffhanger. If you are a fan of love triangles, I think you'll enjoy this good vs evil story. The Appeal of Evil is suitable for ages 13+. There is some violence, rather graphic at times, and some coarse language.