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Review: Of Stardust by February Grace

Of Stardust - February Grace

 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Of Stardust is a light urban fantasy with a lot of magic and roots in fairy tales. Cute, humorous, and fun all come to mind when I think of this novel. That's not to say there aren't heartbreaking moments. There were several times I cried while reading. When I first started the novel, I kept picturing Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Oddparents whenever Ms. Grace mentioned the word fairy godparent. Picturing Till as Wanda and Gus as Cosmo made me laugh.

Till is blindsided by her Great Aunt Tilda. In just a few days, she learns she has a recessive gene that makes her a fairy godmother. She learns magic exists and then she loses her aunt. I loved the scenes with Till at University, they were quite amusing. I have to admit, I was thrown when Till learns the number one fairy godparent rule: Fairies do not fraternize... with anyone. Till doesn't handle the idea of being celibate well, I mean who would?

Gus knows far too well the penalty for breaking the most important rule. He witnessed the sorrow and pain his parents went through after he was born. The budding relationship between Gus and Till is sweet and rather tragic. It must be awful to fall for someone you can never be with. Wonderful moments with the people they help are woven with realizations about what they'll never experience themselves.

This story is heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. It's beautiful the way Till and all other fairy godparents are willing to sacrifice so much to bring a bit of happiness to their charges. It seems ridiculous that fairies create happy endings for so many people but are denied one themselves. I can't help but wonder if that will change in the future. This stagnant world of fairies seems ripe for change. If you like fantasies and fairy tales, be sure to add Of Stardust to your TBR list.