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Review: The Witch Who Cried Wolf by Sarah Makela

The Witch Who Cried Wolf - Sarah Mäkelä
 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

The Witch Who Cried Wolf is a sweet romance novella that's fun to read. Mia is a witch who doesn't use her magic as much as she should which weakens her power. Her well-meaning friend, Jessa, tries to change that and inadvertently sets Mia up in the middle of a werewolf rebellion. Mia never knew werewolves existed until one attacks her. During the attack, she reveals her powers to long-time crush Ethan, drawing him into the supernatural world hidden from humans.

Mia is a sweet girl, sometimes meek, like around her domineering boyfriend. She's also strong when needed as evidenced by her ability to fight the werewolf. Ethan handles the whole supernatural thing with amazing ease. Mia and Ethan have strong feelings for each other, have for quite a while. They never acted on them, never knew the other felt that way. I couldn't wait for Mia to kick her annoying jerk boyfriend to the curb and hook up with Ethan. Mia is cornered by a powerful werewolf who threatens her friends and family if she doesn't make a poison potion for him. It seems there is civil unrest in the local werewolf pack and poor Mia ends up part of it.

This NA novella is appropriate for ages 18+ due to mature content. It's a fast, light read that I enjoyed from start to finish. Perhaps it could have been a bit longer. I still have lots of questions about the werewolves.