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Review: Transformed by E.V. Fairfall

Transformed - E.V. Fairfall

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Transformed is a sweet fantasy romance with endearing characters and an intriguing plot. I am a major animal lover, so I could relate to Thea and her adoration for her creations. This story combines mythologies with religion in an interesting new way. In some ways it's a coming of age story for Thea who, though an immortal deity, has to learn to navigate the human world and emotions.

I loved Thea. She was such a joy to follow as she learned to be human. Her interaction with both humans and animals is interesting. She's an immortal, ageless being, and yet when she becomes human she experiences all the emotions of a young woman. As for Chamber, it would be very difficult not to fall for him. What a great character.

The plot, while important really takes a backseat to the characters. Ms. Fairfall does an amazing job painting imagery so vivid, I could see it in my mind's eye. I enjoyed the ending. it was a great way to end Thea's journey. This novel keeps the reader turning the pages to the end and certainly doesn't disappoint.