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Review: Son of Set by Kelsey Ketch

Son of Set - Kelsey Ketch

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't read Daughter of Isis, you might want to skip this review due to book 1 spoilers.

Son of Set is the second book in the Descendants of Isis series. It is not a standalone and I highly recommend reading Daughter of Isis first or you will be lost. The story picks up right where the last ended. Natti is seriously wounded magically, mentally, and physically. Seth is trying to heal her in addition to staying one step ahead of his father.

At the beginning, I really missed Natti's snarky personality. It's awful what the Sons of Set did to her and it takes time to recover from such an ordeal. We get glimpses of the old Natti, but she is truly devastated mentally from the magic and poison they used on her. Seth is amazing in this book. I loved hating him in the first book, though I was with Natti -- he's hard to resist. In this sequel, the way he cares for Natti is so sweet, especially since it goes against both his nature and nurture.

Seth's father Sean is a great villain. I loved the scenes from his point of view. No matter what Natti and Seth do, Sean is always right there. There's so much Egyptian mythology woven into the story and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also liked the romance between Seth and Natti. Warning: this is definitely upper YA due to mature content. I recommend this one to ages 17+.

All in all, Son of Set is a great sequel. Nonstop action, a creepy bad cult, fascinating mythology, and hot romance will keep readers turning the pages. And this cover is truly swoon-worthy.