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Review: Living With Love by Clarissa Carlyle

Living With Love - Clarissa Carlyle I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I only had time to read one of these books and I chose book 3 Living with Love. While I don't think it's necessary to read them in order, I would recommend it, especially given the availability of the boxed set. Book 3 starts with Alex graduating from college, a whirlwind trip to Europe, and entering 'real life' in New York City. I really enjoyed Alex's character. She's a sweet, hard working young woman who has been through quite a bit. I especially enjoyed the scenes with her mother. Though, I thought she was somewhat childish at times. This quote from Alex: "Relationships shouldn’t be work, they should be easy." -- is a prime example of it. Alex's friend Ashley was a tad on the annoying side, but could also be endearing at times. Love interest Mark came across as a responsible, all around great guy. The one thing that made Alex doubt him, actually made me respect him. Living with Love is a cute, fast-paced story with a nice ending. If you're looking for a light summer read, consider adding it to your TBR list.