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Review: The Reapers by Jacinta Maree

The Reapers (My Demonic Ghost) - Jacinta Maree

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

The Reapers is the second book in the My Demonic Ghost series. Though I don't think you have to read book one to enjoy this book, I highly recommend it. There are times when I think the reader might be confused without reading book one. My favorite part of this novel is the overall dark feel, the evil, and the suspense.

Main character Jordon is quite intriguing. It's strange to be able to relate to a person who is dead. Yet Jordon was so well crafted, it was easy to accept this fantastic character and his amazing life... I mean death. I just can't go into detail without spoilers, so just know that I really liked Jordon.

The descriptions are so vivid and immersive, it was so easy to envision this bizarre world in the mind's eye. I will say that at times I was a bit bored with some scenes that went on a bit too long. This novel is filled with suspense and intrigue that will keep the reader turning the pages. If you like a spine-chilling YA read, consider adding The Reapers to your TBR list.