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Review: Son of War, Daughter of Chaos

Son of War, Daughter of Chaos - Janette Rallison

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review


Son of War, Daughter of Chaos is an intriguing story of a war between two races with ties to ancient Egypt. Main character Aislynn goes from thinking her father is not only overprotective but delusional, to realizing the forces he hides from are real. Lines are drawn, and she is trapped firmly in the middle-- no not quite the middle... Aislynn is her own person and thinks for herself.


Aislynn is an interesting character. I found her somewhat boring at the beginning, just your average teenager with a father and brother who are way too overprotective. As the story progresses, Aislynn is forced to decide what she truly believes is right, what is wrong, and what she's willing to live with. By the end, she's a rather impressive character who refuses to be pushed around.


This is one of those stories that really makes you think about right and wrong. Were I in Aislynn's shoes, I'm honestly not sure how I'd react. Her parents really screwed up by hiding everything from her for so long. They way she learned about her heritage was not healthy. I think she handled it better than most would in her position. Many of the characters were hard to like due to circumstances I can't reveal, and yet I also didn't dislike them.


I loved the Egyptian history woven throughout the story and how the two sides came to be. Can't go into any more detail, but it is quite interesting. My major complaint would be the pacing. It's very slow at the beginning, and there are several times in the middle where it drags as well. Of course, this just makes it clear how much I enjoyed the plot, since I plowed through in one day anyway. While the ending wasn't a cliffhanger, I was left with too many questions to feel completely satisfied. I don't know if Ms. Rallison is planning a sequel, but I'd be happy to read more about Aislynn and what happens next.