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Revew: A Whispered Darkness by Vanessa Barger

A Whispered Darkness - Vanessa Barger

 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

My first thought when I started A Whispered Darkness was that the mother was absolutely insane. I understand the need to start over when one's life falls apart, but to drag your daughter (who had been committed to a psych ward due to her psychic abilities) to an old, historical home with a dark past is just plain insane. But it makes for an interesting story. Her mother becomes possessed so quickly, I never developed any feelings for her one way or another anyway.

I really liked Claire. She's been dealt a rather crappy hand--dealt with disbelief when she experienced psychic overload, and a deadbeat dad who couldn't deal with her psychic abilities. She seemed to have a handle on her abilities until their new home proves to be a bit more than she could handle. I liked how she stood up to Bryan, and how she stood up for Haven. I loved the interactions between Claire and her younger brother, Grant. These are two siblings who really love each other.

For a brief time, I was afraid there might be a love triangle, but fortunately Claire knew what, I mean who, she wanted and went for it. Haven also has abilities and has been ostracized due to them, so they had an instant connection. The romance was sweet, if somewhat rushed. But, hey, if homicidal ghosts were after me, I might fling myself at a guy too. Live in the moment and all that.

The plot was interesting, but I couldn't help feeling like it was missing something. I never really got a feel for the tortured souls in the house. They make up such a huge part of the story, and yet they just were. Old files, letters, something to bring some of their story to light would have been nice. The pacing was also unpredictable. At times it was super fast and other times it dragged.

I'm always up for a good ghost story, especially one with a sweet romance. A Whispered Darkness did not disappoint. If you like ghost stories, you'll want to add this one to your TBR list.